Our life depends on the sea, the future of the sea depends on us.

A hymn to the beauty and fragility of the sea. And a call to action, because it is still possible to change course.

Mariasole White Planet Ocean

  • 71% of the surface of our planet is covered with expanses

    of water that in their depths host 80% of living species,

    they regulate the climate, they produce 50% of the oxygen we breathe

    and absorb a third of man-made carbon dioxide.

    The ocean is a source of life but also of food, energy and work for billions

    of people. However the advances made in the study of our seas have

    unearthed just 5% of what is estimated to be hidden there,

    a tiny percentage, which however was enough to make us discover

    an underwater world that hosts an astonishing natural wealth,

    for its beauty and for the resources it is able to provide.

    Today something is changing with a speed never imagined,

    going to affect the existence of every single form of life that

    it depends on the ocean.

    The young marine biologist Mariasole Bianco tells about beauty

    and the fragility of the sea, and together it takes us on a journey full of

    hope to discover the stories of those who fight for the health of the sea

    concretely. Scientific expertise joins passion

    in the words of the scholar, who reminds us through the story of the facts,

    how the future of the planet is in our hands and that our future

    it depends on the health of the oceans. And that a solution is possible.

  • MARIASOLE BIANCO, marine biologist and scientific popularizer with a great passion for the sea and for its protection. He has been a member of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas since 2012, works with the private sector on ocean-related environmental sustainability and responsibility, and has taught naturalistic dissemination at the University of Genoa. She is the founder and president of Worldrise, one of the 100 global Ocean Heroes and DonnAmbiente 2019. Regular guest of the Kilimanjaro broadcast, she has established herself as a reference point for the Italian and international community for her commitment to safeguarding the marine environment.