Wellness is the state we feel when everything about us is in harmony: when the body is healthy, when thoughts are light and when emotions are in harmony because they are included in their language.

If you are experiencing a stressful period for work, study or family reasons, or if you feel physically down and this affects your mood, but also if you want to make new projects or achieve a goal that is close to your heart, Floritherapy is the valid support you are looking for.

The Flower Therapist Barbara Papini, Wellness Consultant and Educator, will accompany you in the harmonization process of your emotions. His questions and practical advice will help you reflect and broaden your vision of the situation so that you can implement those changes that will favor the harmony of the psycho-physical-emotional state.

At the end of the consultation he will show you the personalized combination of flower essences (including Australian, Californian, Himalayan and Bach flowers) and will explain how to use them.

Individual counseling: duration 45 minutes

For those unfamiliar with flower therapy

Science teaches us that the brain and heart emit electrical impulses by generating a magnetic field. Our body thus has its own energy that is harmonized through the electromagnetic imprint that the flower leaves in the water when it remains immersed in it.

The flower remedies are suitable for all ages and without contraindications, completely natural.

BARBARA PAPINI Wellness and Emotions Consultancy

    • Consulenza in videochiamata piattaforma da definire
  • 45 minutes